április 30, 2011 | AN IMPERIAL MESSAGE

film & sound installation and memory-theatre,    06. 05. → 28. 05. 2011
opening: 06. 05. 2011, 19:15,
Synagogue - Šamorín, Mliečňanská 7, 931 01-Slovakia, ✆ 421 903 255 681,


The films in the installation take us through the ‘life locations‘ of Kafka and his last love, as well as his last friend. Będzin and Dombóvár, the birthplaces of Dora Diamant and Robert Klopstock respectively; the High Tatras, where Kafka and Klopstock‘s friendship began; Budapest, which played an important role not only in Klopstock‘s life; Berlin, the scene of Dora and Franz‘s life together; Kierling, the sanatorium, where Dora and Róbert  stayed  with Kafka until the end. And Brooklyn… America, of course, not quite like in Kafka‘s novel, but where Klopstock later lived and worked for more than  30 years.

An Imperial Message, Franz Kafka‘s zen-short-story is recited in 13 different languages: Hungarian, Finnish, English, French, Spanish, Yiddish, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Tibetan, German and Czech are each integrated into a different musical composition.

During the  perfornance, all this – the personal memories of  Dora Diamant and Robert Klopstock – fully emerges, as they recall the moments of their life together with Kafka after a distance of 25 years. The language of this performance is Hungarian.

Dora Diamant – Barbara Massey
Robert Klopstock– Tibor Hegedűs
written by András Forgách
music, films, directed by Tibor Szemző

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